Merkel says she is ready to mediate talks between Ukraine and Russia

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel does not rule out that in the future she may become a mediator in the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine.

In an interview with RND news agency Merkel was asked if she was ready to be a mediator. “To date, this question has not been raised,” she replied.

Merkel also noted that last year she tried to discuss with Putin the “Normandy format” and the new order of European security, but he was not ready for the conversation.

“On the one hand, Putin was no longer ready for a Normandy-style summit. On the other hand, I failed to create an additional European-Russian discussion format on the European security order along with the Normandy format,” she said  .

Merkel also acknowledged that shortly before the end of her term as chancellor, she had lost political influence.

“It was clear that I would not stay in this post for long, and I have to say that various attempts last year did not give results,” Merkel added.

When asked if Putin was waiting for her resignation to start the war in Ukraine, Merkel replied: “My resignation could have the same impact as the elections in France, the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and stagnation in the Minsk agreements.”

Merkel also said she supports the course of her successor Olaf Scholz.

“I believe it is right that the West is working for the existence of Ukraine, without participating in a direct military conflict,” she said.

On June 2, for the first time since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the former German chancellor spoke about Putin’s aggression.

Merkel said that she did not blame herself that she failed to do everything to prevent a full-scale invasion of Russia in Ukraine.


  1. “I believe it is right that the West is working for the existence of Ukraine, without participating in a direct military conflict,”

    That plan is going great you Stasi bitch. Ukraine’s destruction is taking place on a daily basis, while the yellow countries watch, hoping to get back under the table with Putler. Nope Angela, you have done enough damage to Ukraine with your partner in the Kremlin, Ukraine don’t need any more of your assistance.

  2. Ukraine must not allow any German or French putler collaborators to mediate. Especially not a RuZZian agent like Gospodina Merkelina.
    But the idea of a mediator is good. Who is there who could do it and have the trust of Zel as well as fuhrer putler?
    Can anyone think of a credible candidate?

      • Frankly Redders I’d eat my hat if this evil skank is NOT an agent of Russia like her father was.

        • I agree completely! I always though joining the Greens was just a ruse. But now that she is out of politics she has ONE chance to make things right and it should start with my conditions. If she can’t do those things I would say she needs to go back to her hole forever.

  3. NO WAY!
    That skank has done more than enough damage! As a matter of fact, Germany should not be involved at all in any talks about peace or cease fire or whatever. Germany does not have the best of interests in mind for Ukraine. That’s a fact.

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