Deputy PM Urges Residents to Leave Occupied Kherson Oblast Ahead of Counteroffensive

The latest Tweet by The Kyiv Independent states, ‘⚡️Deputy PM urges residents to leave occupied Kherson Oblast ahead of counteroffensive. Iryna Vereshchuk said that they can try to leave through the occupied Crimea to Russia, as this is nearly the only way to escape. After that, they can enter the EU or other countries.’


  1. This is what I was talking about just the other day (here? I can’t recall where).
    Anyhow, this is a very important measure and I hope that the people of Kherson will heed this advice. Ukrainian forces are very much impeded in their military missions due to the presence of civilian populations in areas that they attack.
    People of Kherson and its surrounding areas, please leave the region!

    • The famine will start now and they will lift the sanctions and be friends with us, because they will realize that it’s impossible not to be friends with us,” – said Kremlin propagandist Margarita Simonyan during the Petersburg Economic Forum. #StopRussia

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