The despicable Peter Hitchens continues his attack on Ukraine

The Mail On Sunday

June 19

Hitchens has been denying Ukraine and Georgia’s right to exist since 2008. In 2010, he travelled to Crimea to set out the case for invasion in his Mail blog. Four years later it was invaded and occupied.

Extracted from Hitchens column today in the Mail on Sunday:

Ukrainian flags, once everywhere, have now mostly disappeared from the buildings of Oxford University. They have been replaced by the increasingly complicated stripey banners of sexual liberation and gender politics. As I cycle through the city, I sometimes wonder if I am, in fact, living in the Republic of Transgendria.

Is this because the students are bored with Ukraine, or because they have grasped that their radical sexual politics would not get a big welcome in some parts of that far-from-liberal country?

Have they discovered that Ukraine is, in fact, corrupt and badly governed, and guilty of atrocities against its own citizens? I do not know.

But I think it is certainly time for thought to replace emotion, as Britain wonders what to do about this crisis. We have absolutely no material interest in a long, draining, bloody American-Russian war (such as this is) fought on the territory of Ukraine and using Ukrainians as pawns.

On the contrary, as a country and a people we would benefit greatly from a negotiated peace, as would the Ukrainians.

Pope Francis, who has also been very rude about Russia’s Orthodox Church leaders, has now twice stated that there was some provocation of Russia in this conflict. This view is even held by the severely anti-Putin American neoconservative Robert Kagan.

So I think any intelligent person should now feel free to accept this possibility. Likewise, all those rightly outraged by the storming of the US’s Capitol building in January 2021 need to take a look at the much more successful mob attack on Ukraine’s seat of government, by an armed mob, in February 2014. There is wrong on both sides. It is time to stop the killing and destruction, instead of treating the war as a desirable and admirable thing.


  1. Hitchens wants Ukraine to surrender. He has repeatedly called Ukraine a “fanciful country.” Over the years he has attracted a massive fan base of putler loving trolls who are given full access to his comments board. He and his mods no longer publish my rebuttals.
    The Telegraph; a strongly principled, pro-Ukraine paper, has nevertheless now banned me for using pejoratives like “putler” and other things, whilst putler fan boys are still allowed to post slurry.

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    • I don’t understand the Telegraph. Why is it allowing such filth to be published under its name? Is it the money? It’s clear, though, that the big majority of people in Britain support Ukraine.

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      • Hitchens works for the Mail. The Telegraph would not touch that putinazi turd with a barge pole.
        The Mail publishes pro and anti Ukraine stuff; mainly pro though.
        The Telegraph is the most pro-Ukraine paper in the world. Certainly in Europe anyway. It used to employ Boris.
        It’s op-eds are centre right, but it’s news reporting is unbiased, which is why even the British hard left read it.
        Only paid subscribers can comment in the Telegraph, so obviously lots of accounts originate in S P. But there are also some British and American cunts in there with Farage/Carlson views.
        I think the mods on the Telegraph are recent university graduates and no doubt some were poisoned by hard left tutors. I’d like to see who they are, but it’s a closely guarded secret.

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  2. I have attempted to get the following comment past the mods:

    “In 2010, Peter Hitchens travelled to Crimea and wrote a sneering article that set out the Kremlin’s justification for thieving land off Ukraine in detail. In it, he described Ukraine as a “fanciful country” despite the fact that Kyiv was a thriving Christian city many centuries even before the existence of Muscovy.
    Just four years later, Crimea was invaded and all the talking points of his 2010 article were deployed by Kremlin propagandists. The article can still be seen in the Hitchens archives.
    Since February 24, Mr Hitchens has continued his attacks on Ukraine, in spite of, or perhaps because of the systematic genocide being inflicted upon innocent civilians by the murderous torturers, thieves and rapists of Putin’s army. Hundreds of children and many thousands of adult civilians have died already. If anyone doubts that the genocide was pre-planned, they only have to read what RIA Novosti officially published before Putin’s evil onslaught.
    Hitchens, like RT, is in effect a fully functioning component of Putin’s demonic war machine.
    His moderators rarely permit rebuttals of his revolting rants, but always allow trolls to gloat about Putin’s savagery.”

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    • Every country in every part of its history had, has and will have filthy rubbish in the public eye, such as this Hitchens. There are many others, like Carlson, Schröder, Orban, Quisling, Lord Haw-Haw – William Joyce – or the other Lord Haw-Haw, the American Fred W. Kaltenbach, and so on and so forth. They blackened or are blackening their names for all times to come in history. Being traitors or ass-givers for dictators is their legacy.

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  3. Traitors are among us in every part of society. So are morons who accept their indoctrination like a fish swallowing the worm, hook, line and sinker. This is an important reason why we on here are doing what we’re doing; fighting misinformation and propagandists, in particular, those from Russia – aka mafia land – or those who are pro-Russian.
    Hitchens is but one of many who has decided to sell himself – like a cheap whore – to a system that is so obviously criminal, that, actually, he should also be viewed as a criminal. At least, he is on par with dirty lawyers who give legal protection to notorious mobsters and gangsters.
    We cannot prevent such dirtbags from spreading their filth. That’s up to the Mail and Fox News et al. to clean up their act. I am glad, though, that the majority of people are rational and informed enough not to fall for such lying con artists.

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