Russians steal dozens of thousand tonnes of sunflowers and grain from Luhansk Region – Haidai

Russians steal dozens of thousand tonnes of sunflowers and grain from Luhansk Region – Haidai

19.06.2022 14:01

In order to steal wheat from Luhansk Region, Russian invaders have hastily laid railroad tracks from the territory of Russia towards Starobilsk.

The relevant statement was made by Luhansk Regional Military Administration Head Serhii Haidai on Facebook, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“The region’s agro-industrial complex consists of 1,152 agricultural enterprises, including 855 small farm enterprises. Every year they produced more than 1 million tonnes of grain, 600,000 tonnes of sunflowers, 3,000 tonnes of meat, about 20,000 tonnes of milk and 24 million eggs. In order to transport grain from Starobilsk to Russia, they [Russian invaders – Ed.] have even hastily laid railroad tracks,” Haidai wrote.

Over the past two years, Luhansk Region’s farmers have received about UAH 320 million in government assistance. These funds were used to build an advanced grain elevator equipped with a railroad track in Rubizhne, where 30,000 tonnes of grain could be kept simultaneously.

Russian invaders blew up this elevator, seized the property from most agricultural enterprises, and are taking away Ukrainian grain. In fact, they have stolen 15,000 tonnes of sunflowers and 10,000 tonnes of grain from Luhansk Region’s grain storages.



  1. Vlad Putin once stole a Superbowl ring from the Patriot’s Robert Kraft in 2005.
    Russia is a nation packed full of liars and thieves. Wife beating, road rage and committing atrocities in other countries are other “talents” they have.

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    • By the way: I just red that Ramzan Kadyrov, has only 6 classes primary school in ‘education’…………………and want to become the next Nazi President after Putler is gone.

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