Prepare to fight and beat Russia in a Third World War, Britain’s top general warns


  1. “I am the first Chief of the General Staff since 1941 to take command of the Army in the shadow of a land war in Europe involving a continental power… The scale of the enduring threat from Russia shows we’ve entered a new era of insecurity.”

    At the end of WW2, we had a standing army of 3.5m. By the 1960’s it had dwindled to 500,000. It’s now a third of that. We need to quickly get back to 500,000 and our navy soldiers; the Marines, need to go back to 100,000.
    Ukraine of course needs 1m combat troops, with the same in support and reserves, plus a large modern Air Force.

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  2. “I am the first Chief of the General Staff since 1941 to take command of the Army in the shadow of a land war in Europe involving a continental power… The scale of the enduring threat from Russia shows we’ve entered a new era of insecurity.”

    Just think for a moment about the situation mentioned in the quote, folks. It is reality as we have it right now. We are in a situation very reminiscent of the late 1930s. Why? Because we have voted limp noodles into leadership positions, that’s why. Obama, Schröder, Merkel, Sarkozy, Macron, Biden, Scholz, Draghi, Kurz, Nehammer, Orban … names of infamy in future history books. The Chamberlains of the 21st century. Fools, who did not foresee what we on here have foreseen. Idiots, who thought that appeasing another terrible dictator would preserve peaces, trade and economies. Morons, who learned absolutely nothing from history. Bimbos, who thought they knew everything better, ignoring the warnings from us and from countries like Poland and the Baltic States. These incompetent monkeys of Western Europe and the US are the ones who got us here. They and their abhorrent, stupid, cowardly, shortsighted politics!
    Be careful who you vote for, especially in such trying times as we’ve been maneuvered into…

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    • Hmmm. Be careful of who you vote for ? Have you seen the choices? I personally haven’t seen a smart politician since perhaps Reagan or McCain. The smart ones are ridiculed out of contention and left with the fools. IMHO.

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      • I didn’t say it’s easy. But, to get rid of useless or harmful politicians starts with the voters. And, I know that my call will go unheeded anyway … unfortunately.

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        • Hello! I see that you mentioned Biden. I agree that at first he dithered with the jets from
          Poland, WWIII, etc, but he quickly reversed himself and got a $40 billion aid package to
          Ukraine and is sending HIMARS howitzers etc, so now I would leave him out of that group.

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          • We appreciate everything that Biden has and is doing, but I still can’t leave him out of this group because he’s sitting on unbelievable military might and hardly does anything with it. Either he agrees to help defeat Putler and his criminal regime and gives Ukraine what it needs, or not. Being hesitant and sometimes even unwilling is not the right thing to do when there’s a job to accomplish. On the same note, he could easily break the Russian blockade in the Black Sea to allow grain shipments from moving again. He could also close the skies over Ukraine. It is, after all, Ukrainian skies!

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            • Hi Only Facts Please,
              I agree that we have a lot of munitions, but $40 billion dollars is a lot of money. You have to remember it takes LOGISTICS to move that much materiel and remember that it cannot delivered directly to Ukraine, only through harder cross border transport. I think it would be a big deal if C-17 Globemaster cargo planes were to be landing at the Hostomel Airport, and certainly that would further enrage Putin, and maybe even spook the western NATO allies with such an obvious move. And of course one of the reasons the Russians do so poorly is they don’t believe in logistics. I would love to see it happen faster, but it IS getting there as fast as it can. Please don’t forget that hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers are out in the West and in the US being trained on these new munitions. You must understand that Ukraine and it’s armies and territorial defenders are converting to NATO standard munitions which are 180’ opposite of the old Soviet style of munitions. It takes training and training and training, which is being paid for by the US and the UK. As to your point about breaking the naval blockade, don’t you think that that would have happened if it weren’t for the Montreaux Convention? Turkeye won’t allow foreign warships to pass through the Bosporus, no matter how much we would want too. By the way, didn’t you read that the US is supplying Ukraine with unmanned ships for Ukraine to use in the Black Sea? How about the Ukrainians recently getting Harpoon anti ship missiles? HIMARS with 80 km range, and Ukraine had to promise that these munitions WON’T hit Russian territory. Talk about fighting with one hand behind your back. You want to unblock the Russian Navy, go talk with the Turkish government. The US and the UK can only do what they can. The French and ESPECIALLY Germany can do much, much more, but I fear that they want to appease Putin, not to “offend” him. Go talk some sense into those guys too. What you’re asking is an all out invasion by NATO. They’re not at that point yet, besides, unlike Kosovo, you have Russian nukes to worry about.

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              • I never advocated for an invasion by NATO. That sounds a bit ridiculous. I do, however, would like to see boots on the grounds in certain areas and in certain situations. Furthermore, closing the skies would be possible and a good alternative to having the civilian population and infrastructure killed and destroyed.
                I am aware of the Montreux Convention. The US is not a signatory nation. And, the US has sent warships through the straits before, even with much bigger guns than the convention allows. So, this argument won’t fly.
                I know about logistics. This is not an excuse for the lame response. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the help. But, it’s a bit like a starving person that gets a few pieces of bread, happy to have something to eat at all. Biden could’ve sent the needed stuff and enough of it right from the get go. This would have saved a lot of lives. I’m sure he’s had enough briefings with all sorts of generals and experts before and after the war started to be aware of the situation and what the consequences are for helping fully, helping some, helping a little and helping not at all. Maybe he was convinced that Ukraine wouldn’t fight. Maybe the experts were convinced. But, as soon as it became apparent that Ukraine is fighting and this quite expertly, efforts should have been expanded manyfold. Biden could send the equipment via navy ships, instead of aircraft.
                This is more than just about Ukraine, this is about our world, our values and our credibility. Biden has severely damaged our credibility in Afghanistan. I thought that he would’ve learned from his mistakes, but, he’s learned only a little. I hope you are aware of the dire consequences awaiting us and the West too if Putin wins. China is watching. So are India, Iran, North Korea and everyone else too.
                As for France and Germany, what can I say? They are pathetic! They have lost face, they have given up their dignity and honor. They are nothing anymore. I’m sure that every country on this planet is sneering with delight to see such wretched weakness. Putin certainly does.
                I hope that what we’re doing will be enough to secure a victory. I hope that we’re doing more than what’s being announced.
                Your text gives a valuable insight about the foundation of the West’s lethargic and weak response; fear. It must overcome fear. “There is nothing to fear, but fear itself”.
                Thanks for your opinion, Orest. I appreciate it.

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