Moldova officially bans Russian propaganda

If the fact of misinformation is proven, the companies will lose their licenses for seven years.

Moldova banned Russian news programs / REUTERS illustration
Moldova banned Russian news programs / REUTERS illustration

Moldova imposed a ban on the broadcasting of all news programs in Russia. The ban law was signed by Moldovan President Maia Sandu.

This was stated by the head of the Council on Television and Radio, Liliana Vitsu, on the air of the Rezoomat online project on the Rlive Internet channel .

As Vitsu noted, the concept of disinformation is being established, which implies tough sanctions.

“If the fact (of disinformation – ed.) is proven, then the companies will be deprived of their license for seven years,” Vitsu said.

According to her, the situation in Ukraine is forcing Chisinau to take tough measures.

On June 24, the law will be published in the Official Gazette, after which it will come into force.

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  1. I really dislike bans on free speech but can’t argue with this call or calls just like it. I just pray it doesn’t go all the other way. That’s just as dangerous.

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  2. “If the fact of misinformation is proven, the companies will lose their licenses for seven years.”

    Freedom of speech is a valuable right. However, under certain circumstances, it can have a detrimental and even dangerous effects. This measure is a good one, seeing the precarious situation that Moldova is in. And, misinformation is no information at all and not even an opinion, so it doesn’t fall under the concept of freedom of speech, it falls under the concept of lies.

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    • Problem…who is the overseer of misinformation? I certainly don’t know of anyone who is without some form of bias. I only say that when restrictions are imposed, we need to be careful we don’t go too far.

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      • Some things are easily disproven, thus they are disinformation. Other things that are impossible to disprove, and so won’t fall under disinformation. Opinions, when marked as such, are not disinformation unless they contain features that are obvious lies. So, either the whole opinion must be deleted or parts of it.
        Basic guidelines to filter out propaganda.
        At any rate, such measures can be taken back when a clear and present danger no longer exists. It is more important that a righteous government protects its country from all manner of danger than to give individuals the rights to spread the enemy’s lies.

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        • I don’t necessarily disagree but don’t agree completely. It’s dangerous. These days hyperbole is often confused with fact vs opinion. “If the democrats don’t win in 2024, democracy will die”. Democrats this is fact republicans think it’s bullshit.

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          • I understand your viewpoint, but nations tend to put measures in place to protect themselves during trying times. Restricting freedom of speech is just one of them. A true democracy can and will restore it when the danger is no more. I would also never allow filthy propaganda skanks to lie for Putler and his dirty war just to protect freedom of speech, while Putler concurrently kicks it with boots all the time in mafia land. That’s my humble opinion.

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