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June 18

All the horror of Russia’s war reduced to just one photo

Ukrainian girl, who cannot leave her pet, in front of a train meant to evacuate her to Przemysl, Poland 🇵🇱

Image: Alexander Zenkovich

“My country invaded another state, Ukraine. There are now 15.5 million refugees … We thought for a long time about what we could do … and we thought that everyone should give away something dear to them, important to them.”
Dmitry Muratov auctioning his Nobel Peace Prize for
Ukrainian 🇺🇦 refugees.

Mikhail Baryshnikov co-founded a charity True Russia, raising money for Ukrainian 🇺🇦 refugees. When Russia 🇷🇺 banned its website, he wrote an open letter to Putin.
Baryshnikov wrote that Putin’s Russian world – the world of fear – would “die from its own horror unless it wakes up”

Roman Ratushnyi was a shining example of an activist fighting for the interests of the community and his country. He had been an unrelenting defender of people’s rights and his city before the war, and went to defend Ukraine against the Russian invaders.

Glory to the hero!

As a result of the Russia’s war in Ukraine, 323 children died and at least 583 were injured.

This was reported by the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office

“It’s summer at last. My beloved Moscow June. When they bring me to Basmanny Court and — for 10 seconds at the most — escort me handcuffed from the van to the holding cell, I have a moment to look at the sky, at the sun, at the treetops behind the fence. This makes me feel so warm.”
Vladimir Kara-Murza


  1. Vladimir Kara-Murza is a man who could lead Russia and take it from the depths of hell to civilisation.
    Imagine a government with Vladimir, Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Gary Kasparov at the top. The putinazi world of festering hate would be vanquished.

  2. The leaders of the free world should look at such images – or look at them more/closer – to keep in mind what their duties are as leaders of free, democratic countries. We must stop this horror show from continuing, which is throwing ever more people – and children – into the blood-drenched meat grinder that Vlad Putin created.

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