Israeli military analyst calls Germany’s and France’s temporizing amid war in Ukraine “disgusting”  

During the war that Russia has waged against Ukraine, Germany and France are watching to see which side the balance tips, Israeli Defence Forces officer and military analyst Yigal Levin told NV.

According to him, Ukraine is currently in “extremely difficult conditions”, when it accepts any assistance, even diplomatic.

“After all, France is a nuclear state, one of the important states of the European Union and Europe, and the world in general. That’s why even such seemingly hypocritical support on the part of Macron is also deemed support,” Levin said.

“You can’t pick and choose. Of course, diplomacy does not work that way. That’s why we have to smile, we have to meet, we all have to talk together, and so on,” the analyst added.

Levin believes this also applies to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who slowed down the transfer of 40 Leopard-2 tanks to Ukraine from Spain and the supply of Marder infantry fighting vehicles.

“Here, again, they are watching where the scales tip. Now we see that Russia is trying to make a stand, concentrating all its forces in the Donbas, on the axis where we have Izyum, Bakhmut, Lysychansk and Severodonetsk. But there they are with colossal losses, barely gnawing out at every house in every village,” said the military analyst.

At the same time, he stressed that Ukraine had not yet conducted a general military counteroffensive, they were only of a tactical level. According to Levin, as soon as this happens, the Chancellor of Germany might offer Ukraine ‘100 Marder IFVs to side with the winners.’

“So that later, when it is diplomatically declared that Kherson has been liberated, Germany will claim that in particular, with [their] help. Now it is risky. They just [sit on the fence] and watch in which direction where the wind blows. That’s all. It’s disgusting, but it’s politics,” he added.

German media reported that in recent months, Olaf Scholz’s government has minimized arms supplies to Ukraine. Die Welt reported that only two small consignments of weapons arrived in Ukraine between March 30 and May 26.

After a visit to Ukraine on June 16, together with the leaders of France, Italy and Romania, Scholz assured that Germany would hand over heavy weapons to Ukraine in time so that they could be used in the battle for Donbas.


  1. “They just [sit on the fence] and watch in which direction where the wind blows. That’s all. It’s disgusting, but it’s politics,” he added.

    This guy is 100% correct, but instead of criticising these two countries, he could explain why his own government have got splinters in the backside from sitting on the same fence, even leaning towards to the Russian side of the fence?

  2. Both countries, despite their immense economic size, have sent as many weapons as Estonia and Latvia, with their dwarf-sized economies. This is also disgusting.
    Macron and Scholz have not shined with competence in both the handling of the criminal rodent in the Kremlin nor Ukraine. They are wind bags and nothing more. They have no inkling what they’re doing. They don’t even realize that they’re helping the West to sink even deeper into the pit of insignificance. France and Germany have handed the staff of leadership to the only major country that has led the continent since before this war even started; Great Britain.
    Having said that, Israel has also been very lackluster in helping Ukraine. It is also fearful of mafia land. God only knows why.

    • Unfortunately, Israel has allowed itself to become a fledgling RuZZian satellite. There are 1.5m Russians there, which is a huge number when you consider that it almost as many as the number of Israeli Arabs (1.8m of them; that’s just the Israeli Arabs not Palestinians).
      Putler now refers to Israel as a “Russian-speaking country.”
      Most of the Russians in Israel are not Jews; they learned how to fake it in order to get in. Those that are Jews are mainly Atheists or communists; thus more likely to be putlerites.
      British Jews are strongly supportive of Ukraine, which can be proved by reading op-eds in the JC (Jewish Chronicle).
      In the US, many conservative Jews support fucking putler, thanks to Michael Savage and the Trump family.

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