Russian warship entered Danish territorial waters twice – media

The Danish Foreign Minister called the incident an “irresponsible, rude and unacceptable” provocation.

Russian ship "Admiral Kasatanov" / Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Russian ship “Admiral Kasatanov” / Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The Russian warship twice violated the boundaries of the territorial waters of Denmark .

It is reported by Radio Liberty with reference to the Danish Defense Command.

According to the statement, the Russian corvette entered Danish waters north of Christianso on the night of June 17. The incident was repeated in the same area later in the night.

After a civil walkie-talkie signal from the Danish naval forces, the Russian ship left the territorial waters of Denmark, the report said.

It is noted that Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod commented on these actions of the Russian ship. He called it “an irresponsible, rude and unacceptable ‘provocation’.”

According to Kofod, the Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian ambassador, who was told that such actions were unacceptable.

It is noted that the Russian side of the Copenhagen message did not comment.

Recall that the Netherlands and Denmark rejected Putin’s demand to pay for gas in rubles.

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  1. “The Danish Foreign Minister called the incident an “irresponsible, rude and unacceptable” provocation.”

    Well, mafia land does this on a near regular basis with both ships and aircraft too, and this for years. Thus far, the consequences for their gross violation of international laws and rules and at time very dangerous behavior is exactly null. So, we will not see any ceasing of such conduct and no amount of crying will help.
    It’s just like with a child who only gets an upright finger and a mild scolding for doing bad things over and over again. The child will never stop doing these things.

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