Putin faces MUTINY as Russian troops join Kyiv forces to crush invasion

VLADIMIR PUTIN is facing a mutiny as scores of Russian troops defect to fight alongside the Ukrainian armed forces.

Russians infuriated by Putin’s barbarity and corruption have decided to fight against the Russian invasion. Defectors include captured prisoners of war, civilians and a senior official in one of Moscow’s central financial institutions. Igor Volobuev, the former vice-president of Gazprombank, said: “Guys from Russia – if you hate Putin’s regime and want Russia to become a free, democratic country, join us.” Similarly, Russian defector Volodymyr Grotskov, 48, described the Kremlin is a destructive “cancer” threatening the world’s peace and security. “It might sound pretentious but I’m fighting for freedom and democracy,” he insisted.



  1. Alas, it’s not enough. More Russian troops should revolt against this crime syndicate and regain control over their country. Putler is leading them down a path, paved with death and destruction, and with a dark and uncertain future.

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    • Why not? If they are serious about their desire, let them fight for Ukraine. There’s been numerous ruskie fighting for Ukraine since 2014. Now, it’ll be more.

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