Tinkoff will take a commission of at least $200 for any dollar-denominated incoming SWIFT transfers. The bank “hopes for understanding” of customers

Since June 16, Tinkoff Bank has introduced a commission for incoming SWIFT transfers in dollars, euros and pounds. Its size will be 3% of the transfer amount, but not less than 200 conventional units and not more than the transfer amount, the financial institution said on Twitter.

In addition, since June 16, the bank has set the minimum amount of SWIFT transfers at $20,000. “We are forced to introduce temporary restrictions due to an increase in the number of checks by Western partners and a decrease in the volume of payments processed by them from clients of Russian banks,” Tinkoff said.

After the announcement of the fee, one Twitter user asked if he received a $150 transfer from the US, would the bank take the entire amount of the transfer as a fee. To which the Tinkoff representative replied : “Hello. Yes, such conditions. Hope for understanding”.


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  1. I fart in your general direction, you son of a pumpernickel loaf!


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    • Well yes. In conferring my attitude about what the Russians hope for in finding “understanding customers, I’d tried referencing the French soldiers in Monty Python’s “Holy Grail” parody movie.

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      • No, Mac, I meant this:
        “Tinkoff Bank has introduced a commission for incoming SWIFT transfers in dollars, euros and pounds. Its size will be 3% of the transfer amount, but not less than 200 conventional units and not more than the transfer amount…”

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        • Ah. I’d taken that to refer to the Russian government using this as a means of collecting a “cut” of every transaction made through Tinkoff. I admit to not being as aware as I’d like, of Russian exchange rates, but I see the idea of them as collecting money from every transaction as usury going to funding putin’s war. He’s evil, but not dumb. I’d guess that since he’s probably gotten a terminal diagnosis of cancer, he’s personally got nothing left to lose from the war.

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          • He has a whole pack of rats that do the thinking for him. They develop all sorts of tricks and gimmicks to get at money. It was the same with Hitler.

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