The advance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to Kherson threatens to develop into a counteroffensive – Arestovich

The enemy concentrated his efforts on the capture of Donbass.

Russia suffers heavy losses in battles with the Armed Forces of Ukraine /
Russia suffers heavy losses in battles with the Armed Forces of Ukraine /

Ukrainian troops are moving towards the occupied Kherson .

This was told in an interview with Feigin by Alexei Arestovich, adviser to the head of the OP.

“In the Kherson direction, we are moving just as actively as in the Izyum direction. Well, how actively … we are moving. And we have flashed photos showing Kherson. It’s about 15-18 km. You can already see it from the hills,” – Arestovich said.

He added that today, according to the General Staff, strikes were delivered today on Blagodatny, Soldatsky, Pokrovsky: “And if the enemy hits, then there is where to hit, ours are there. Well, roughly speaking, from the Kiselevka region, which is closer to Kherson, approximately. .. filmed this famous photo frame, which has already scattered on the network. “

“These counter-offensive actions threaten to turn into a counter-offensive any minute. Judging by the scope and depth of the advance, it will already be possible to equate it with a counter-offensive,” Arestovich said. 

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  1. I fear a bit for the battle of Kherson.
    Russia sucks at urban warfare, so it might go for the Mariupol solution once again.
    But I think it would be a major blow to Russian morale.

    What did they get after more than 3 months of war and 33K dead soldiers?
    A destroyed Mariupol and Severodonetsk.

    I also think geography is at Ukraine’s side, most of Kherson is build on the left bank, so Russia has to cross the river to supply Kherson. Ukraine does not have this problem.

    Retaking more of Kherson oblast will be extremely hard though, I doubt Ukraine can cross the river.
    I think a Ukrainian counter attack would most likely take place from the Zaporizhia direction, but that will be really hard because Russia can supply this area both from Crimea and the Mariupol direction.

    But if Ukraine can at least take Kherson city, I think it will be huge.

  2. Let’s see Ukrainian troops in Kherson in a week or two! The people there are waiting. The partisans are actively supporting this effort every night!

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