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Robin Horsfall June 17

Former SAS soldier, writer, Veterans Campaigner and Public Speaker.

‘Dear Robin, My name is Ben Evansky from Fox News Digital. I would like to see if you have time to offer comment for an article looking at if the U.S., Germans and French and some other Western countries are not coming through quickly enough with military aid. It seems there is in some cases a lack of planning, and in other cases a growing lack of will. Following today’s visit of Macron, Scholz & Draghi – the three countries arguably not doing enough. Is the West suddenly snatching the momentum away from Ukraine and giving Putin a much needed boost? What are the consequences?

For your knowledge, Fox News Digital can be read on

Last year we averaged over 86-million monthly multi-platform unique visitors, and outpaced the NY Times and Washington Post. Thank you for your consideration.’

Reply From Robin Horsfall 17/06/22

Dear Ben

Thanks for your enquiry. Although I appreciate the huge coverage of Fox News I wouldn’t be prepared to associate myself with a ‘News’ outlet that acted as a springboard for the attempted coup in Washington on January 6th 2021. Nor would I wish to be associated with any organisation that inflicts so many lies on the US public in the shape of Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson.

Even your message to me contains a leading question to discover whether I will follow your agenda. ‘Is the West suddenly snatching the momentum away from Ukraine..’

You might be a thoroughly decent person Ben but you travel with the hyenas. You can’t be trusted to tell the truth.

Thanks but no thanks.

Robin Horsfall.

PS: They are coming through.


  1. He refuses to have anything to do with the shitshow that hosts that nazi bastard Tucker Carlson.
    Good for Robin.

    • But you’ll see his first contention was the January 6th fiasco. That has nothing to do with Carsonov. He’s another Trump-hater and conspiracy theory believer. Neither of which has anything to do with Great Britain but his apparent socialistic ideologies. Sad.

      • He is a patriot, a Conservative and strongly opposed to the conspiracy drivel promoted by Trump and acolytes such as Tucker Carlson.
        Fox gives a huge platform for pure evil. Carlson has identical views to Trump, who praised putler’s Holocaust and bitterly opposed Biden’s $40bn aid package for Ukraine.
        The entire Trump faction of the GOP hates Ukraine, as you must well know by now.
        The Murdoch family are funding Carlson’s vile conspiracy theories, just as the Mail does with the U.K. analogue of Carlson: Peter Hitchens.
        It could be argued that conspiracy theorists are simply exercising their right to free speech. But when genocide is being inflicted upon innocents, it becomes a criminal matter.
        Carlson, Trump, Savage, the Pauls, Marjorie Taylor-Greene belong in prison.
        As do Trump’s collaborators in the UK: Nigel Farage, Aaron Banks etc. Hitchens is even worse.

        • Yes, Trump hates Ukraine, that’s why he sent Javelins, extended Obama sanctions, started new sanctions and flooded the market with US energy exports….
          Everything you have based your opinions one friend, are words. Political words. Not actions like I have listed. Besides that, up to this $40 billion Congress has been virtually unified in support of Ukraine. There is no room for politics in national security and those professionals should know that.

          • Trump did endorse the theft of Crimea even before he became president. Trump did congratulate and grotesquely praise putler when he started his latest genocide. He is the only US president in history to repeatedly praise a fascist dictator. He did indeed bitterly oppose the $40bn. He associates himself exclusively with Russian agents and pro-Russia shills in both his private and political life. His entire family is pro-Russia. He does hate Ukraine and Ukrainians. His contemptuous words said in private have been reported by several different people including Kurt Volker and John Bolton.
            The black nazi; Candace “Russian lives matter” Owens, Tucker Carlson, the Pauls, Alex Jones, Jim Hoft, Hitler worshipper and out-and-out nazi: Andrew Anglin, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Marjorie Taylor-Greene, QAnon, Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort and Michael Savage all love Trump and putler equally. Trump is close personal friends with many on that list.
            Either putler has kompromat on the Trump family, or Trump really is a fanatical putler fan: “He’s a great guy.”
            Putler is expecting to still be in power at the next election, expects a Trump-Biden rerun and will throw his resources into getting a Trump victory. Already is in fact. The Trump/putler wing of the GOP appears to be growing rather than declining.
            Ukraine needs a Roger Wicker or a Marco Rubio presidency, not Trump or Biden.

  2. Until Fox gets rid of the filthy Ruskie shill Tucker, it’s nothing but a shitshow.

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