Putin: those who do not link their lives and fate with Russia are ashamed of the invasion of Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, expressed his opinion about those residents of Russia who feel shame for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Shame on those who do not link their fate and their lives, the lives and fate of their children with our country. They just don’t want to have them in the regions where they want to live and raise their children.

And a thinking person who links his fate and the fate of his children with Russia, in his soul, in his heart, is interested in the growth of Russia’s power. <…> It cannot be otherwise for a person who wants his children to grow up here.

Putin called the fighting a “tragedy” but reiterated his claim that Russia was “dragged to that line [invasion of Ukraine].”

(C)MEDUZA 2022


  1. From the title alone, I’d say I’m surprised! There’s actually something that the orc lord and I can agree on!

    Though of course, putin’s not ashamed of his behavior, because he’s shameless!

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  2. Putler links his own program with that of Russia. These people are ashamed of Russia because the little rodent has turned it into a fascist crime syndicate that is committing massive war crimes against a country that is completely innocent. Any normal, decent human being HAS to be ashamed of this.

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