Putin sought to seize Ukraine, sow chaos in Europe – Biden

Putin sought to seize Ukraine, sow chaos in Europe - Biden

17.06.2022 18:20

Back in February this year, Vladimir Putin’s plans went beyond Ukraine so, had the U.S. not taken a resolute stance in supporting Ukraine’s resistance, Russia would have sown chaos across Europe.

That’s according to U.S. President Joe Biden, who spoke in an interview with AP, Ukrinform reports.

“If he in fact moved into Ukraine, took hold of Ukraine, and Belarus, where it is, and he’s been a threat to NATO, all those things would have even been more dire,” Biden noted.

He stressed that from the start, the U.S. had taken the right stance on supporting Ukraine despite costs endured, including soaring prices for gasoline throughout the world. Had the U.S., together with allies and partners not done so, Europe would submerge in “chaos,” Biden believes, adding that Putin could possibly be moving into other countries beyond Ukraine. “You already saw what they’re doing in Belarus,” the U.S. president said, adding that Russia could be eyeing a grab of Poland, the Czech Republic, and other NATO allies.

Biden also recalled Finland, which Putin wanted to remain a neutral state but instead it is now going to NATO precisely due to Russia’s aggressive behavior.

“He wanted the sort of the Finland-ization of NATO. He got the NATO-ization of Finland, instead,” said the U.S. leader.

As reported earlier, the United States is playing a leading international role in coordinating western sanctions against Russia and providing security, humanitarian, and economic support to Ukraine.


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  1. To tell you the truth, there is no need for a rodent like putler to sow chaos in Europe. Europe does a fine job all its own in this regard.

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