Military base of Russian troops caught fire in occupied Donetsk (photo, video)

The fire produced a large plume of dark smoke.

Shelling reported / Screenshot
Shelling reported / Screenshot

In occupied Donetsk , a fire broke out at a military base of Russian troops.

Local Telegram channels write about this.

The base is located in the Kievsky district of the city. According to preliminary data, the number of wounded has increased to 3 people.

Attacks are reported.

According to the published footage, as a result of the fire, a large column of dark smoke was formed for several tens of meters. Ammunition detonation sounds are heard.

Separately, they report on the hit of a shell in the house of the “official” of the “DPR” Ekaterina Martyanova. 

On the eve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they hit the ammunition depot of Russian mercenaries in Krasny Luch. According to the militants themselves, the warehouse provided the “LPR” artillery with 152-mm shells and MLRS rockets in the Lisichansk region. 

(C)UNIAN 2022

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