An American cardiac surgeon operated on a two-year-old Odessa citizen with a severe heart defect in Lviv

The famous American cardiac surgeon William Novik with a team of Lviv doctors saved the life of a little Odessa citizen.

This was reported in the First Medical Association of Lviv.

Rinat has a rare diagnosis, which  is that a narrowing has occurred under one of the heart valves.

“This narrowing was not present from birth. Such diseases occur in children when they grow up and one of the valves changes. Unfortunately, Rinat had rapidly progressing changes. Fibrous dense tissues grew on the valve, because of this, the valve became worse and ceased to perform its function, ”says pediatric cardiac surgeon Vitaly Petrov.

Due to the change in the valve, the boy’s heart began  to work in stress mode, and sooner or later this would lead to heart failure.

It was impossible to pull, doctors say, so it was decided to correct the valve. The operation was successful.

Now the boy feels well. Together with his mother, he is in Lviv.

Within a week, William Novick’s team operated on five children with severe heart defects aged from three days to 18 years, and also donated consumables and medical equipment weighing about 2.5 tons to the hospital.


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