Ukraine Army retains control of Siverodonetsk industrial zone, city not fully besieged – update

After the Russian forces destroyed three bridges across the Siversky Donets River near Siverodonetsk, logistical challenges became more acute but the city is not fully cut off from the territory controlled by Ukraine.

This was announced on Facebook by the head of the Siverodonetsk City Military-Civil Administration, Oleksandr Striuk.

“The Russians are trying to storm the city from several directions. The Ukrainian military controls the industrial zone and from time to time measures are taken to oust the enemy from the city center. Russians are paving their way with the bodies of their own soldiers. Logistics have become more difficult after the bridges were destroyed, but certain routes remain,” Striuk said.Read also: Luhansk region: Ukrainian troops restrain enemy from three sides

The humanitarian situation is reported as “critical” in the city where about 10,000 civilians remained when close-quarter fighting erupted. It is difficult to assess the exact number of civilians in town at the moment.

The city administration is preparing a humanitarian aid center for IDPs who managed to flee Siverodonetsk and are now in the need of assistance in terms of resettlement.

As Ukrinform reported, intense firefights are raging in Luhansk region’s Siverodonetsk, Toshkivka, and near the settlement of Vrubivka. In the city of Lysychansk, multiple civilian casualties were reported.

Illustrative photo: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine


  1. So, mafia land has invested an immense amount of effort, personnel and gear to take this city, and yet it still hasn’t done so. This is another bumbling failure of a force, so much greater than its opponent, that it is beyond embarrassing. I’m a history buff and cannot think of a similar war, in which a country has performed so very poorly, like mafia land. I’m also hard-pressed to think of a more courageous and intelligently acting force as the Ukrainians are. This is the God’s honest truth. Naturally, I’m very pleased about all of this!

    • They are performing well in terms of their objectives, which are not to do with warfare at all; just an exercise in genocide, terror, horror and cruelty.

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