Russia-Ukraine war: Macron criticises Russian ‘barbarism’ during Irpin visit; battles ‘fought for every house’ in Sievierodonetsk – live

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Irpin Photograph: Ludovic Marin/EPA

Leaders of Germany, France and Italy are in Ukraine; Luhansk governor says fierce fighting for Sievierodonetsk

French President Emmanuel Macron said that massacres and barbarism have been committed in the Ukrainian town of Irpin, which he and other European leaders visited before meeting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

“It’s a heroic city, marked by the stigmata of barbarism,” Reuters reports Macron told reporters.

German chancellor Olaf Scholz, Italian prime minister Mario Draghi and Macron arrived in Kyiv after an overnight train journey from Poland.

The three leaders were greeted with air raid sirens in the Ukrainian capital, as Russia continued to strike targets across the country. Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis also visited Irpin with them, and is expected to join them later for talks with the Ukrainian leader.

French President Emmanuel Macron (2-R) and Romanian President Klaus Iohannis (C) visit Irpin. Photograph: Ludovic Marin/EPA
Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi (2-L), Romanian President Klaus Iohannis (3-L), French President Emmanuel Macron (4-L) and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (R) visit Irpin. Photograph: Ludovic Marin/EPA


  1. Seeing personally the horrors unleashed by the vile crime syndicate of Moscow, will these three “leaders” NOW see the necessity for destroying mafia land? Will they NOW know of the importance for supporting Ukraine to the utmost? Will they get off the dead horse called appeasement NOW? Will they see their own responsibilities to act like leaders of free and democratic countries and not like gofers for a pack of Moscow criminals? We can only hope so.
    We’ll see…

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  2. How about these three motherfuckers show some contrition for funding putler’s genocide?
    Like say for example giving the same amount to Ukraine that each has given to putler for energy since the poisonous little nazi started his genocide?

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