Rogozin spoke about the blocking of his Twitter due to a post calling for an end to “what appeared in the place of Ukraine”

Twitter administrators have limited the capabilities of the account of the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin. He himself published a screenshot of the corresponding notification in the telegram channel.

The reason for the blocking was a tweet in which Rogozin calls “what appeared in the place of Ukraine” “an existential threat to the Russian people” and calls “to end this once and for all.”

The moderators considered that the tweet of the head of Roskosmos violated the rules of Twitter, which prohibit incitement of hatred, threats and insults of people on racial, national and ethnic grounds.

Rogozin himself said that he would not delete the tweet because he considered it “absolutely true.” “Unfortunately, Twitter has become a garbage dump, a platform for extremists and a mouthpiece for anti-Russian propaganda,” he wrote.

(C0MEDUZA 2022

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