Kyiv success. Ukrainian intelligence obtained the technical documents of the Crimean bridge

Vladimir Putin’s inner circle is to make sure that the Crimean Bridge is absolutely safe. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov claims that the Russian army is in complete control of the situation around the bridge.

However, it is difficult to take seriously the declarations regarding the complete safety of the infrastructure mentioned by people who are unable to protect the technical documentation of a strategic facility. It is a document called: “Construction of a transport crossing across the Kerch Strait”.

This study aims to contain detailed information on the terrain, road surface, bridge connections, landslide structures, entrances and exits, and the entire infrastructure of the complex.

The importance of the bridge and the fact that it became the first target of the Ukrainian side was confirmed by Major General Dmitry Marchenko of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He stressed that the Ukrainian side should divide it into two parts.

Take a look here:


  1. This is a major coup by the Ukrainian intelligence service. It will make it easier for Ukrainian forces to make the most efficient plans when attacking the bridge.

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