From UATV English FB page

June 16

🇺🇦🇺🇸 US & over 40 partners continue to strengthen Ukraine’s position to defend its independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity, secure victories on battlefield, ultimately strengthen #Ukraine’s position at negotiating table, – Blinken, Secretary of State


Comment from Hirel Thangjam:

UA forces should have been better equipped to defend Severodonetsk and not struggle against the enemy on account of inadequate hardware and firepower. To that extent, the 40 partners at Ramstein has been less than effective as the key support group actors. It’s time to overcome timidity and get NATO boots on the ground to push back Putin’s forces beyond the borders as it stood on 24 February and preferably as it was in early 2014. Now that Putin claims to be a reincarnation of Peter the Great and declared his intention to seize “lost territories”, the historical nature of Russian regimes’ expansionist goals should be recognised and confronted with adequate counterforce of the 40 partner countries. Vladimir Putin needs to be exposed for the unscrupulous and murderous thug that he is and taught a lesson that, ultimately, crime doesn’t pay, for the sake of the Russian people and the world at large.


  1. So, 40 nations are helping Ukraine? All of them and sufficiently?
    No, they’re not.
    We have the 21st century. You’d figure that after millennia of warfare, of fighting for civil and human rights, of creating democracy and free nations, of seeing the horrors of WWI and especially WWII, and what terror and dread despot criminals can do, humanity would have reached a point to act accordingly when yet another criminal has reached the pinnacle of power and causes death and destruction and dismay to an innocent neighbor. But this is not so. The countries that truly help Ukraine are frightfully few. Even supposedly democratic countries, countries that are supposedly free and who decry human rights abuses and propagate the rule of laws, are shaming themselves with their very lackluster help for this innocent country, who is getting killed, raped, looted and destroyed.
    It is not an advanced century like so many think, it is a shameful century, like all the others before it.

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    • Meaningful help is provided by only three Slav nations : Poland, Czechia and Slovakia. An absolute disgrace.
      No Scandies are helping in a meaningful way. An absolute disgrace. (Except of course the Baltics, who are partially Scandies).
      Only two Anglophone countries are helping in a meaningful way. An absolute disgrace.
      Nordics: next to nothing. An absolute disgrace.
      Latins: next to nothing. An absolute disgrace.
      Africa, Asia, Central and South America: zilch, but only to be expected.

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