From the FB page of Euromaidan Press

June 16

Good morning World! Good morning Ukraine!

British PM Boris Johnson takes his rightful place in Ukraine!

In Chernihiv, the Cossack community of the UOC Church of St. Catherine registered the British PM under the name of Borys Chupryna (Borys Forelock). He was rewarded “for his courageous stance before the malevolent forces of Muscovy”.

Local artists created a painting of the PM in his new attire and playing the kobza, an ancient Ukrainian instrument.

The Cossack certificate and a copy of the painting are on their way to London.


  1. I have a dream ……
    That one day very soon, Zel, with his gracious wife, is presented to HM Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace to receive his honourary knighthood, after addressing both Houses of the United Kingdom Parliament simultaneously. He already did this remotely; hopefully soon to be in actuality.

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      • Yes she can! Ronnie got one; well deserved. This was at Mrs Thatcher’s instigation. A foreigner can be a knight, only he’s not allowed to call himself sir. Sorry Sir Redders!
        On a less savory note, Tony Blair got one for IRA shill Teddy Kennedy.

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          • Very many congratulations!
            I hope you will write about your Ukrainian connections on your private site for us sometime. It would be reassuring to know your family are doing well.

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            • Thanks. There have been some close calls but everyone is doing well and fighting every minute. We’ve already taught the older grandson not to use the word, Russian, and to only use Moskali. So now he goes around correcting adults that say Russian and they all laugh at his insistence, lol.

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