US military veterans training Ukrainian frontline troops say NATO’s artillery and rocket launchers are essential for Ukraine to beat Russia


Cheryl Teh. June 15

Ukraine howizter artillery
Ukrainian soldiers man a howitzer during artillery drills in northeastern Ukraine’s Kharkiv Region. 
  • US military veterans training Ukrainian soldiers said Ukraine needs NATO weapons to beat Russia.
  • They said Ukrainian forces might be overwhelmed without more modern, long-range weaponry. 
  • “It’s a bit of a slugfest,” Martin Wetterauer, a Marine veteran, said of the war.

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A group of US military veterans currently training Ukrainian soldiers said Ukraine needs more NATO weapons to win its war with Russia.

Officers in the Mozart Group told Newsweekthat modern, long-range artillery would help Ukrainian forces fend off the Russian offensive.

The Mozart Group is a cadre of US military veterans helping train Ukrainian soldiersEstablished at the start of the Ukraine war by Andrew Milburn, a Marine veteran, the group has been described as the Western counterpoint to Putin’s elite Wagner Group

“It’s a bit of a slugfest,” Martin Wetterauer, a Marine veteran and the Mozart Group’s chief operations officer, told Newsweek from the organization’s outpost in Zaporizhzhia.

Wetterauer told the outlet that the Ukrainians were under heavy fire from Russian artillery and said that NATO’s artillery systems and aircraft would be essential to help eliminate Russian defense lines in the Donbas region.

Steve K., an operations manager in the group who declined to give Newsweek his full name, agreed with Wetterauer and highlighted the US-made Multiple Launch Rocket System and the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System as being vital tools for the Ukrainian war effort.

“They need the artillery, they need rounds,” Steve K. told the outlet. “If we do not continue with that supply, they won’t be able to hold them back.” 

Per Newsweek, Wetterauer added that the Ukrainians do not underestimate the Russians’ capabilities and expressed confidence in their chances of winning if they received the right equipment.

“If we can increase their skill set, then ultimately over time hopefully they’ll get better and more advanced weapon systems,” Wetterauer said, per the outlet. “With the fighting spirit that they have, there’s no doubt they will turn this war. It’s just going to take a while.”

Ukraine’s forces are currently engaged in a critical fight in the Donbas region, which has come under heavy artillery fire from Russian troops. In June, Ukraine estimated that Russia has 10 to 15 times more artillery than its forces, appealing to the West to send more weapons. 

This week, reports emerged that cases of desertion are growing among Ukrainian forces after they suffered significant losses. A senior US official also told The Washington Post this week that Russia will likely gain control of eastern Ukraine within weeks, after doubling down on its military efforts in the Donbas.

However, intelligence from the UK suggests that Russia may soon struggle to produce enough military equipment to fuel a prolonged conflict in Ukraine.


  1. Dear Ukrainians,

    We apologise for forcing the brave men and women of your armed forces to fight with one arm behind their backs.
    From now on we will give you EVERYTHING you need to crush the filthy orcs who are squatting on your holy land, committing genocide, rape, torture, theft and causing so much misery.
    The governments of the US, UK, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.
    As for pretty much everyone else :
    Fuck you! You black hearted weasels.

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    • Ukrainians remember who has helped them over the years. Then are very friendly with those that do and those that don’t do not deserve friendship. As an American I have always been treated as a dear friend in Ukraine and I will always make every effort to return that friendship.

      Liked by 2 people

    • It’s bitter how some in the West just sit there with their thumbs up their asses as they watch such a brave and freedom-loving land get demolished, murdered, raped and looted by a very criminal, very despicable gang. I refuse to call it an army, a real army has discipline and adheres to laws of war. History will not have kind words to say about such ilk as Macron, Scholz, Draghi, Nehammer, Orban and the Swiss.

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