Sick Russian despot Putin grabs table so hard his hand BULGES with raised veins

VLADIMIR PUTIN has been once again caught on camera gripping a table furiously amid rumours about his health.

A dimple in Putin’s thumb is visible from the pressure of gripping the desk (Image: Kremlin)

This time, in a meeting with Sergey Kulikov, RusNano State Corporation CEO, the Russian President could be seen holding onto the desk so hard his veins buldged. He was previously seen gripping a table for 13 minutes straight in a meeting released by Russian state TV. 

Since a potential invasion of Ukraine was on the cards, Putin has faced a series of rumours about his health being in decline due to some degenerative illness. 

Rumours the Russian strongman has some form of degenerative illness have sparked speculation that he may have invaded Ukraine in part because of it.

Experts suggest that he may have wanted to assume control of Ukraine as a victory that would enshrine his legacy in Russian history.

The septegenarian could be suffering from cancer, according to some reports, citing western intelligence sources.

However, others have said that the Russian despot may be hiding Parkinson’s disease. 

One way of minimising a spasm is to tense the muscle in the affected area, or grip something.

In pictures of the Russian President’s latest meeting with Mr Kulikov, Putin is seen holding on to the table constantly.

The veins on his hand bulge and in another photo, a dimple in Putin’s thumb is visible from the pressure of gripping the desk as he handles some paperwork.

In a video of Putin meeting his defence minister, Sergei Shoigu, in April, the ageing tyrant could also be seen gripping his desk for the majority of the meeting.

In footage released a week later, Putin is visible holding one hand to his chest, another balled into a fist.

As he begins to walk forward to greet Belarusian President and ally in the conflict in Ukraine Alexander Lukashenko, his right thumb makes a motion which could be viewed as a spasm.

As he walks towards his eastern European counterpart, the Russian President appears unsteady on his feet, walking stiffly and lurching his balance from one leg to the other.


  1. Whatever this criminal rat has, whatever ailment it is, it must be a deadly one! He must die, and this as soon as possible. Millions and millions of people are waiting to hear this good news.

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