New US aid package to include Harpoon anti-ship systems: complete list

Assistance will begin to arrive in August.

Harpoon/US Navy anti-ship missiles
Harpoon/US Navy anti-ship missiles

The new package of military assistance from the United States will include anti-ship systems, ammunition, which the Armed Forces of Ukraine really need, and special equipment.

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin in Brussels on June 15 announced a complete list of weapons that will soon be delivered to the front of the Ukrainian army.

The $1 billion military aid package for Ukraine from the United States will include:

  • 18 155 mm howitzers;
  • 36 thousand 155-mm shells;
  • 18 tactical vehicles for transporting howitzers;
  • additional shells for HIMARS;
  • 4 vehicles for equipment repair;
  • 2 coast guard systems with Harpoon missiles;
  • thousands of protected radio stations and optical devices, including night vision.

Aid will begin arriving in August, Austin added.

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    • That list is $1 billion?! Wow. Then they plan to ship 36,000 155mm shells? Vladolf’s orcs fire 60,000 EVERY DAY. I guess if they’re guided and have longer range they will be good but c’mon, load us up and let us get rid of the war criminals.

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      • That’s Biden for you. He’s a poser president. He reminds me of a child who is afraid to step on the cracks of a sidewalk because he might break his mother’s back. He’s too slow, too hesitant, too afraid to go at it with full gusto. He’s much too overwhelmed for this job.

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        • Worse yet he is really not running the White House, I think he is letting his Chief of Staff do everything. Proof is every time he gives his opinion they walk it back the next day. Uh, that wouldn’t work with Reagan for example.

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            • The reason Biden is president is because he was voted in office by the American people after 4 years of Traitor Trump who tried to destroy democracy by usurping the election. Don’t forget it was Trump that attempted to hold Zelensky hostage for weapons to Ukraine.
              It was weapons supplied to Ukraine by Biden and other NATO countries that enabled Ukrainian soldiers to save Kyiv, thus the country. The US has committed 1/3 of its stockpiles of Javelins and 1/4 of Stingers leaving us dangerously low. Lack of training of more advanced US weapons systems has been a major limiting factor that will take time to fix. Some other NATO countries have been much less generous.

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              • I’m aware about how someone gets into the Oval Office. I was referring to those who act in the background. And, I don’t know why you’re mentioning Trump. He was not a part of the discussion. He’s not POTUS anymore, and so he’s as interesting as a wet carrot.
                Yes, Biden supplied weapons to Ukraine, and he’s doing more than anyone else. But, it’s still too little and quite late. That’s my opinion. It’s also my opinion that if he had acted sooner and more decisive, many lives could’ve been saved. Well, at least he didn’t fail so utterly as he did in Afghanistan, right? As far as training is concerned, this issue could’ve been solved last year, when Putler gathered his murderous rape gang around Ukraine’s borders the first time.
                I don’t even want to talk about the colossal losers in France, Germany, Italy et al. In Europe, only Britain, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the Baltic States can hold their heads high.

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          • Nonsense about Reagan. Aside from sometimes falling asleep during White House meetings, he was also not a details man and depended heavily on his handlers. Trump was well known to ignore briefers at meetings and not read daily intel briefs. All presidents lean heavily on staff as there are so many issues to be handled daily, and they are not experts on anything except politics.

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    • Ukraine already has Harpoons supplied by Denmark. The US is only supplying ground launch vehicles with the missiles coming from other NATO countries. These vehicles don’t exist in the US since these missiles are only sea launched missiles. The vehicles have to built which is why August is the date.

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