“It’s too late to run”: Kherson partisans eloquently addressed the invaders (photo)

Patriotically minded citizens remind the invaders that soon they will have to flee from Kherson.

Kherson patriots remind of themselves / photo t.me/zedigital
Kherson patriots remind of themselves / photo t.me/zedigital

The pro-Ukrainian residents of Kherson, who recently declared a “hunt” for local collaborators and Russian propagandists , again eloquently turned to the occupiers.

This time, leaflets appeared on the streets of the city reminding the Russians that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are getting closer to the city and will soon liberate it.

“Kherson partisans are on the alert and remind the Russians that there is nowhere to run,” the local Telegram public reported .

On the leaflets, the photo of which he published, the following is written: “Rashists, it’s too late to run. Rostov – 558 km, APU – 10 km. Kherson is Ukraine!”

Telegram channel “XX”
Telegram channel “XX”

The day before, President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the Ukrainian armed forces were exerting pressure on the occupiers in the south, the  goal of which was to liberate Kherson .

Recall that in the Kherson region, Ukrainian defenders are attacking in three directions. Recently, the village of  Tavricheskoye was liberated from the Russian invaders .

On June 14, a video was made public, which was  recorded by a Ukrainian defender 10 km from Kherson .

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. Drive the orcs out of Kherson, string up the collaborators, but don’t stop there. Move on to Crimea and destroy that fucking bridge.

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  2. I love the partisans. They are the front lines. They’re putting their lives up for love of country. God bless them and please keep them safe!!

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