From FB site Pray for Ukraine

June 15

Jack Swindle

🇺🇦 Day 111 of the War in Ukraine!
How much longer are those people throughout the world who have the power and ability to help Ukraine win, going to wait and watch! Their insufficient amount of help so far is doing nothing but continuing to cost the lives of Ukrainian people! Their indecisiveness, their unwillingness, their lack of feeling and compassion towards innocent humans, that are being slandered every day is incomprehensible. I am disappointed and embarrassed of these people with the ability to help Ukraine win this war quickly. These people call themselves the leaders of free, independent and democratic nations and organizations. If they say, “they stand for freedom and liberty,” then they must act quickly against evil. What this has shown me beyond a doubt, is we have one source, one savior and only one who we can depend on! The Lord God Almighty!!
He rules, He defends, He loves and He alone can save Ukraine or any other country for that matter! So when our life is finished, where will we have stood? On side of justice and good or evil. Glory to God and victory for Ukraine!!!

Comments from site followers:

Catherine Land Emond;

The time to stand up to the bully is long overdue!
The world is NOT doing enough to protect the innocent people of Ukraine!

Lucille Turpin;

I can’t take this much longer. I can’t even imagine how the Ukrainian people feel. I am sick over this. There is no justice in the world. Why don’t they send them more weapons? Are they waiting for complete annihilation of Ukraine? Because it looks like it. I read today that an entire family was killed including a one-month old baby who was shot by the Russian soldiers because they had just killed his entire family and the baby was crying. Those Russian soldiers are godless people and that’s why they have no empathy for the suffering of innocent civilians. Those soldiers are able to kill and torture because they are not inhabited by the Holy Spirit. So what is NATO waiting for? It won’t get better without more weapons. Ukraine should have been allowed to join NATO all those years ago when they had the chance but they were prevented from doing so by Angela Merkel. She admitted it in an interview that I saw a few days ago. It was on You Tube. I got the impression she regretted her decision but of course, it’s too late now. Well, all we can do is keep praying and hoping. It has to end sometime but the longer it takes, the more people will die.

One comment

  1. I’d voted against that blathering bag of hot air called president biden. I’m confident that as unpredictable and impulsive as Trump is, he’d have sent help. Probably thousands of troops and tanks for Ukraine, after a few months of Russian troops playing their “training maneuvers.” The United States very well could have called it “training maneuvers” in cooperation with the Ukrainian allies.

    Remember, God has your back, keep praying! There’s more weapons on the way!

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