Ukraine explained: How Putin and Russia use the same tactics in every war

Vladimir Putin uses the same tactics in every war Russia wages. Chechnya in 1999, the invasion of Georgia in 2008, the Syrian Civil War – and now in Ukraine in 2022.

This video was made on March 25th. The information provided could have been acted upon. But tragically and unforgivably it wasn’t.

Channel 4 News

AKJJSIM commented at the time :

“I was required to read a lot of Russian cold war era doctrine, printed by the US for US military leadership training. This doctrine is based on the lessons Soviet Russia learned in the war against Germany. I can tell you that what the RU military did in Chechnya, Syria and Ukraine, is directly out of the USSR playbook. Large caliber mobile artillery that is specifically designed for leveling cities. The idea is to root out the civilian populations through terror and destruction, rather than committing large numbers of foot soldiers to fight street to street. They will destroy whatever it takes to capture real estate.”

One comment

  1. “How Putin and Russia use the same tactics in every war”
    This is what makes the attitude of many European “leaders” so incomprehensible. Knowing the mafia methodology could have made possible to find ways to counteract them. Every buffoon would have acted with more foresight and courage than this collection of losers.

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