Russia cuts gas supplies through Nord Stream by 40%

Russia cuts gas supplies through Nord Stream by 40%

14.06.2022 19:50

Russia’s state monopoly Gazprom has said it is cutting natural gas supplies to the Nord Stream pipeline by 40 percent, citing breached repair deadlines by Siemens.

That’s according to Interfax, Ukrinform reports.

“Due to the untimely return of gas pumping units by Siemens (Germany) from repair, testing of the service life of the GPUs (gas pumping units – ed.) and identified technical malfunctions of the engines (the regulator issued a temporary ban on their use), only three GPUs can now be used at the ‘Portova’ compressor station,” Gazprom reports.

Accordingly, it has been announced that the daily transmission cap is set at 100 million cubic meters instead of the usual 167 mcm.

The Nord Stream pipe, which is used to ship gas from Russia to Germany, was launched in 2011 with an annual capacity of 27 billion cubic meters.

After the start of a full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war, German opposition called on German authorities to stop supplying Russian gas through the Nord Stream gas pipeline. All work on the almost completed Nord Stream 2 project has been suspended.


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