From FB page: My Ukrainian Friends

Jenni Wren

June 13

Become a voice for the victims, join us in demanding our world leaders demand action now!!! Victims both male and female from 85 years old down to babies as young as 6 months!!! These are NOT the acts of badly trained troops the commander has lost control of!!! These are sanctioned acts as in permitted by their commanders in the field all the way up the chain of command!!! These are not spontaneous attacks by a few bad apples, this is the systematic targeted deliberate rapes of the Ukrainian people conducted by the racists as a war strategy!!! Demand Justice for the victims of these brutal crimes!!! 🇺🇦


Saturday July 30, 2022 at 06.00 am, Parliament House, Brisbane.

Be a voice for the Ukrainian victims! Men, women and children! No age is too old or too young! Demand our world leaders to take action and justice for ALL of their victims!

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