Arms supplies to Ukraine: the expert pointed to a “bad trend”

As an example, Zhdanov cited the position of the German leadership as an example.

Tank Leopard 2A4 / US Army
Tank Leopard 2A4 / US Army

Some European countries, primarily Germany , refuse to supply tanks to Ukraine.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov spoke about this trend, reports Today .

Commenting on the upcoming summit of the heads of defense departments (Rushmtain-3), the expert predicted the expansion of the geography of military assistance to Ukraine.

“And secondly, I would very much like to see the expansion of the geography of the countries that provide us with weapons. Most likely, this will also happen. The question is in the volume of these weapons and in the timing of delivery,” he said.

According to the expert, the German leadership, represented by Chancellor Olaf Scholz, vetoes any supply of weapons to Kyiv, extending its own to all countries that have German-made weapons.

At the same time, Zhdanov expressed concern about the supply of weapons from Germany.

“Remember Spain’s desire to transfer 40 Leopard-2 tanks to us? So, Germany not only banned the transfer of these tanks to Spain for Ukraine, but also forced Spain to apologize for the fact that Spain dared even think about transferring tanks to Ukraine,” he stressed.

Now, according to Zhdanov, “a very bad trend is emerging again – the countries of old Europe have agreed not to supply tanks to Ukraine.”

“Such information in the European media, unfortunately, has begun to appear again,” he added.

As you know, Scholz was repeatedly accused of delaying the supply of weapons to Ukraine. He himself  believes that Germany helps Ukraine more than “anyone else.” 

At the same time, Scholz’s vague position on the war in Ukraine does not suit Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky either. He believes that it is time for the German Chancellor to  finally make up his mind .

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  2. Why, then, were all the promises made? Should we consider people like Sholtz as “leaders”, or view them at a more realistic maturity level of Junior High School Popularity Clique?

    • These so called leaders made promises, thinking the war in Ukraine would be over in 5 minutes, so they would never need to fulfill these promises.

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