NATO should reach agreement with Russia to end war in Ukraine – China’s defense minister

NATO should reach agreement with Russia to end war in Ukraine – China's defense minister

13.06.2022 07:15

China’s Defense Minister Wei Fenghe believes that NATO–Russia talks are able to end the war in Ukraine.

Fenghe made a corresponding statement, speaking at the Dialogue Shangri-La conference in Singapore on Sunday.

He said that the United States and NATO should hold talks with Russia “to create the conditions for a ceasefire as soon as possible.”

At the same time, he stressed that China had no pact with Russia.

“It is a partnership, not a union. Relations with Russia will continue to develop. We have not provided Russia with any military or material support [during the war against Ukraine],” he said.

According to him, China respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries.

At the same time, the minister’s speeches mostly concerned China-US relations.



  1. You can’t trust them I’m afraid.
    If it was in the interests of the chicoms to stop this war, they could do so, using trade as leverage.

        • Perhaps I’m not using the word right but what I was trying to say is those countries that try to tell Ukraine what to do is like having an international council that decides everything and deprives nations of their sovereignty.

          • Fair enough.
            Unfortunately the term “globalist” has long been hijacked by the alt-right and its many affiliates who all hate Ukraine. They use it as a pejorative for those who support Ukraine.
            It’s now a code word, same as “the cabal” (used by QAnon) referring to the range of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that imply that the world is controlled by a secret group of “globalists”, who turn out to be the Rothschilds, “Zionists”, or sometimes Masons, Illuminati, or the British royal family.
            It’s all bollocks of course, but it is very bad for Ukraine. Every day some conspiracy bullshit appears on disqus groups that claim Zelenskyy to be a “globalist puppet.”

  2. The last thing we need is another opinion from another dumbass who has zero regard for what Ukraine wants and needs.

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