The Russians called themselves Germans and attacked a Ukrainian woman with a child for the slogan “Glory to Ukraine” (video)

Violetta Orlova 09:16, 06/12/22 YHIAH

The men demanded that the woman forbid her son from shouting “Nazi words”.

The Russians attacked a Ukrainian woman with a child for the slogan "Glory to Ukraine" / screenshot
The Russians attacked a Ukrainian woman with a child for the slogan “Glory to Ukraine” / screenshot

In Germany, two Russians attacked a Ukrainian woman with a child for the slogan “Glory to Ukraine”. At the same time, they denied their Russian origin.

The video of the incident was published by the Telegram channel “God, it’s over.”

“What’s ‘Glory to Ukraine’? What the fuck are you doing? You can’t shout ‘Glory to the Germans’?” the indignant man said.

The Ukrainian woman calmly asked where her interlocutors were from, but they said that it didn’t matter, but in general they were “from Germany”.

Then the men began to actively resent that they did not want to hear the slogan “Glory to Ukraine”, accused the Ukrainian woman and her son of infringing on the rights of Russian speakers, and attacked with accusations of Nazism and fascism.

Russian : “Are you Nazis? Are you fascists? You are fascists if you shout “Glory to Ukraine”

Ukrainian : “If you continue to yell at me as a woman now …”

Russian : “What kind of woman are you? You are Ukrainian * p. You are Ukrainian * p”

Ukrainian : “You are yelling at me. You approached me with a conflict”

Russian : “With what conflict? What is “Glory to Ukraine”? We are in Germany. We must speak either German or Russian. And do not shout “Glory to Ukraine”

Ukrainian : “Please, let’s end this conversation”

Russian : “Nih * me. Let’s talk”

Ukrainian : “I have a child standing here. What are you?”

Russian : “Why is he shouting “Glory to Ukraine”?

Ukrainian : “Because he is from Ukraine. Because you attacked our country. You are bombing us”

Russian : “Who attacked? I’ve been living here for 25 years. Who attacked?”

Ukrainian : “That is, you are Kazakh? Do I understand correctly?”

Russian : “I came from Russia. From Kurgan. I am German by nationality”

Ukrainian : “I had no doubt about it. Only Russians behave like this”

The aggressive Russian continued in a rude manner to demand that the woman forbid her son from shouting “Nazi words.” The Ukrainian woman said that the Nazis are Russians, because they are bombing peaceful Ukraine. She asked why her interlocutor is still not in the Russian Federation, and he said that he was “German”, but “was born in Russia.” 

The dialogue ended with a portion of swearing towards the Ukrainian. After that, the comrade took the aggressive Russian away.

As UNIAN reported earlier, a similar incident occurred in Sweden. A Russian woman not far from the Russian Embassy in Stockholm  attacked a citizen of Ukraine with insults.  The woman was left without a job at a private school because of her actions.


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