Putin “shines” a new position: the colonel predicted the transit of power in Russia

Ivan Boyko 07:35, 06/12/22 YHIAH

In the Russian Federation, Putin’s daughter can lead the United Russia party, the expert believes.

Vladimir Putin in Russia can become chairman of the State Council, and the presidency "shines" the son of the secretary of the Security Council, the colonel predicted / photo REUTERS
Vladimir Putin in Russia can become chairman of the State Council, and the presidency “shines” the son of the secretary of the Security Council, the colonel predicted / photo REUTERS

In the Russian Federation, President Vladimir Putin has thought about the transit of power – the son of the Secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, Dmitry, who holds the post of Minister of Agriculture, may become the new head of the country.

The idea of ​​creating the State Council and the transition of the current Russian leader to a position in it has again appeared in Russia, said reserve colonel – military expert Oleg Zhdanov in an interview with journalist and founder of the Gordon publication Dmitry Gordon.

“He (Putin – Ed.) thinks, firstly, about whether he will have time or not to make his dream come true, and this is the re-creation of the Soviet Union in any interpretation. And here for him the stumbling block is us, Ukraine … and recently, judging by his actions and statements, and judging by the information that comes from the Russian Federation, I think that he still thought about the transit of power … “, – the interlocutor believes.

The colonel added that if Putin heads the State Council, then extraordinary presidential elections should be held in the Russian Federation, but even after the “election of a new leader,” the current president will lead everything.

“Patrushev proposes his son – the Minister of Agrarian Policy for today (for the post of President of the Russian Federation – Ed.). And at the same time, in order to balance power in the country, he offers the post of head of the United Russia party Tikhonova (Putin’s daughter Ekaterina Tikhonova – Ed.) … Like she has legislative power in her hands, and he will have executive power in the person of the president … “, the expert noted.

Recall that Russian media learned that because of the war in Ukraine, Russia among the elites has  a lot of those who are dissatisfied with Vladimir Putin .

Russian sociologist Igor Eidman warned that fundamental decisions could be made in Russia this summer. The expert warned that some kind of “night of long knives” is possible in the country .



  1. This all reminds me of the 4 years that Medvedev kept Putler’s seat warm. As long as he’s alive, nobody but Putler will run the country.

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  2. Mafia land is and will remain being a dictatorship, and Putler will assure this even from the grave. The Ruskie people are much too brainwashed to want anything else but a slave master for “president”.

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  3. This is just another crazy formula being dictated by the devil himself. I don’t have words for this nonsense. Does tell me that if the Russian population accept this nonsense then there is no hope for these people.

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