Kills, not heals: a military doctor showed a first-aid kit of Russian invaders

The Ukrainian doctor also spoke about the contents of the bags of Russian military orderlies.

The medic exclusively showed the contents of the Rashists' first aid kit / photo
The medic exclusively showed the contents of the Rashists’ first aid kit / photo

Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine more than three places ago, we have repeatedly seen how the “second army of the world” is equipped : from obsolete military equipment to expired dry rations. No less impressive is the contents of the first-aid kits of the Russian invaders, which consists of ineffective, very outdated and dirty products.

So the Ukrainian military doctor, instructor in tactical medicine Maria Nazarova showed the first-aid kit of the Russian military. As they say in the plot of channel 24 , the medic already has 4 trophy sets of medicines of the occupiers. According to her, the Russians themselves are aware of how terrible the contents of their first-aid kits are and what a cool set the Ukrainian defenders have.

“There are facts when the occupants provide assistance to the marauders with our first-aid kits, and this is still of poor quality, because they do not know how to use them,” Nazarova stressed.

Despite the fact that the Russian invaders stole high-quality turnstiles and bandages from the Ukrainian army, this does not help them at all.

“It’s nice to see that the invaders are so unprepared. But our first-aid kits, if not perfect, are still much cooler,” the doctor said.

So, as the medic demonstrated, the first-aid kit from the Rashist tank, which the tactical medicine instructor has, is iron, heavy and not very hygienic. It has:

  • a rubber band that will break during its application;
  • individual dressing package in 1983;
  • not sterile and very dirty bandages.

“I would say that these first-aid kits rather help to kill the wounded. After all, they give hope that is not there,” Nazarenko said.

According to her, a person can try to apply this rubber tourniquet, but it will definitely not work.

In addition, according to the physician, Russian first-aid kits contain narcotic painkillers that have many side effects, in particular, they instantly depress the respiratory centers.

“In order to save a person, you need a tourniquet, an occlusive sticker, quality tools, and not just shut your mouth to your wounded,” she said.

Nazarenko also spoke about the bags of Russian orderlies, which were captured by her colleagues. They also surprise no less than the first-aid kits of the invaders.

“It’s 25 bandages in a bag from the Brezhnev era, or maybe even Khrushchev, brilliant green, ammonia and that’s it,” she said.

Nazarenko is very surprised by such irresponsibility and indifference to his military. For example, according to her, the medical backpack of Ukrainian military doctors with all the utensils costs about the same as a car.

(C)UNIAN 2022

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  1. Nothing makes me wonder about the mafia army anymore. This is an entity in which the soldiers are objects and not individuals. I’m rather surprised that their soldiers don’t desert en masse, considering their horrible plight.

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