Fuel trucks, pickups and “starlinks”: residents of Odessa donated charitable assistance to the Naval Forces  

Volunteer organizations, charitable foundations and ordinary residents of Odessa continue to provide all possible support to the defenders of Ukraine.

So, yesterday afternoon, the charitable foundation “Odessa and Odessans” handed over to the logistics command of the Naval Forces, with which it maintains long-standing friendly ties, two cars – a DAF fuel truck with a volume of 30 cubic meters and a truck.

According to Rear Admiral Igor Stupnitsky, Deputy Commander of the Ukrainian Navy for Logistics, the vehicles will be placed at the disposal of the Yug naval base with military registration and full-time drivers assigned.

“This charitable foundation often helps the Ukrainian Navy, recently we received a large amount of medicines and food from them, today we have received two heavy vehicles and 15 40-foot containers for temporary use for moving, dispersing and redeploying military cargo,” Rear Admiral noted.

Andrey Zhdanov, director of the Odessa and Odessa Citizens Charitable Foundation, said that the foundation is actively helping military sailors and marines – several off-road vehicles were recently sent to the front.

“We try to fulfill the requests of our military, a month ago we sent several Japanese off-road vehicles to the Nikolaev direction. Also, with the help of my friends from Lvov, we managed to get starlinks for the Ukrainian Navy by direct delivery,” he stressed.

Part of the Starlinks was handed over to naval aviators to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the Bayraktar-type UAV squadron.

Now the logistics command is forming another application – for pickup trucks that will be equipped with guided anti-tank missiles and air defense systems.

The logistics command also received 20 tons of food from Cherkasy, which is already being unloaded in warehouses. Thanks to the assistance of the head of the military administration of the Cherkasy region, Igor Taburts, the Ukrainian marines received high-calorie foodstuffs to perform combat missions.


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