“Zelensky didn’t want to hear this”: Biden said that the United States warned Ukraine about the war

According to the American leader, there was no doubt about it,” but Zelensky “didn’t want to hear it, and a lot of people didn’t either.”

US President Joe Biden / photo REUTERS
US President Joe Biden / photo REUTERS

US President Joe Biden said US intelligence was trying to warn Ukraine of the imminent danger of a Russian invasion , but Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky “didn’t want to hear about it.”

He said this during an event in Los Angeles, according to Voice of America .

“Nothing like this has happened since the Second World War. I know that many people thought that I might be exaggerating. But I knew we had data to confirm that he – referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin – was going to leave beyond the border,” Biden said.

According to the American leader, there was no doubt about it,” but Zelensky “didn’t want to hear it, and a lot of people didn’t either.” 

Earlier, Zelensky, intelligence and other high-ranking officials said that Ukraine saw the preparation of the Russian Federation for the invasion, but the “volume and audacity” became unexpected.

According to NSDC Secretary Oleksiy Danilov, Russia was expected to attack on February 22, not February 24, but the Ukrainians could not be warned about the exact date “for security reasons.”

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  1. Last summer, he could have moved all his ground troop assets in Germany to Ukraine and asked Britain to do the same, whilst simultaneously moving the navy into the Black Sea and establishing air bases in west Ukraine.
    It would have prevented a holocaust.

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    • Remember, this is the same flaccid dick that created a complete disaster in Afghanistan. This is the same moron, who let mafia land look into our cards by announcing what the US will and will not do. Joe is a complete moron, and although he could have easily prevented this war, he lacks the necessary brains and courage for such a move. He can barely prevent pissing his pants when the rat threatens with something again.

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  2. Joe, just face it; you are a loser. You fucked up in Afghanistan, you fucked up our borders, you fucked up our energy sector, you fucked up by not preventing this war, you fucked up with our inflation, you fucked up with half-assed weapons deliveries. You are simply a big, huge fuck up!

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  3. To be fair I agree on this with Biden.
    Zelensky appeared to be in a different world in January and February.

    And I think this really has done a lot of harm to Ukraine. Why wasn’t Kherson mines and weren’t the bridges to Crimea blown up? Why didn’t he start mobilisation and didn’t they prepare the territorial defense in time?

    In some way Ukraine did better than expected, but the occupation of almost the entire south of Ukraine wouldn’t be necessary at all if the border with Crimea was properly sealed off.

    Most of the south of Ukraine was taken without a fight, as Ukraine moved basically everything it had to Kyiv.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not happy with Biden, but Zelensky is getting way more praise than he deserved. He stalled basically every reform in the country and fired his most competent ministers.

    It is good to stand behind him as the country now requires unity, but we should keep in mind he really isn’t the brightest guy. As long as he listens carefully to guys like Arestovych it can be fine.

    I do think Zelensky really lacks basic knowledge on the military, as I think his idea was that if Russia would go for a full scale invasion, there was no way to stop them. I think his strategy was to prevent panic to keep the economy afloat, as he was convinced nothing could really stop the Russian army anyway.

    I think he has really underestimated the army, but fortunately he learnt.

    I don’t like to put too much blame on him as we should stand behind him in this difficult time, but at the same time we shouldn’t be naive.

    I think he is generally a good guy, but he is really naive and he has a poor sense of whom he could trust.

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