Subjective summary of European nations’ attitudes to Ukraine

June 11

By Lemuel Chyme, Palookaville Free Press

Russia vassals:

Armenia, Serbia, Belarus

Russia supporters:

Hungary, Malta

Russia supporter, but plays both sides:

Austria, France, Germany, Italy

Plays both sides :

Turkey, Vatican City, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Croatia, Belgium, Holland

Mildly supportive of Ukraine :

Albania, Finland

Staunch Ukraine supporters:

UK, Pribaltika, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia

Was pro-Russia but now playing both sides:

Cyprus, Greece, Ireland


San Marino, Slovenia, Andorra

Unknown, but likely pro-Ukraine :


Full of Russian criminals:


Indifferent, but acts as a stash house for criminal Russian money :

Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg



Was pro-Russia; current situation unknown :

North Macedonia


Spain : very recently became a second tier Ukraine supporter

Moldova: Ukraine supporter but very circumspect

Romania: unreliable, but drifting towards Ukraine

Bulgaria : was pro-Russia, but drifting towards Ukraine

Portugal : second or third tier Ukraine supporter

Montenegro: was pro-Russia, but drifting towards Ukraine

Bosnia-Herzegovina: somewhere between indifferent and pro-Russia

Georgia: its people love Ukraine (many Georgians fight for Ukraine), but has a covert pro-Russia regime.

One comment

  1. It would be poetic justice to get mafia land to put boots on the ground in all the countries that are not staunch Ukraine supporters. Better yet, put massive mafia artillery and rocket fire in those countries.

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