Russo-Ukrainian war, day 107: Russia outguns Ukraine by 10-15 times; three countries oppose Ukraine’s EU candidacy bid

Three countries opposing granting Ukraine EU candidate status are Sweden, Denmark, and The Netherlands – European PravdaSweden and Denmark push for Ukraine becoming only a “potential candidate” over anti-corruption requirements; The Netherlands could withdraw opposition if it is the only EU member opposing granting Ukraine EU candidate status at the 23-24 June summit.

Two EU countries do not see Ukraine as an EU candidate, Deputy PM for European Integration of Ukraine Stefanishina said earlier. The EU Commission is expected to recommend next week that Ukraine be granted candidate status. This would need the approval of member states.

Russo-Ukrainian war, day 107: Russia outguns Ukraine by 10-15 times; three countries oppose Ukraine’s EU candidacy bid


  1. Sad!
    If it isn’t the usual culprits of this useless entity, others step up to the plate to smash Ukraine’s hopes.
    Why is Ukraine so adamant about becoming a member? I know about its advantages. But, there also are disadvantages. That is why Britain left. Ukraine can do without the EU. I say, fuck them, once and for all! Britain still exists and is doing well enough. Switzerland is doing quite well and so are other countries in the world. Look at Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Look at Australia, Canada and Norway. Not to mention the US. They’re all doing well, and none are EU members. Ukraine has a wide range of products that the world needs and wants, and an intelligent workforce. Ukraine can seek partnerships on its own and develop closer trade relationships with a wide range of countries and organizations, all sans EU membership.
    The important thing right now is to destroy mafia land’s cockroaches. Then, to get the country rebuild. Ukraine will rise again and become better than ever before … without EU membership!

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      • I think that these pack of cowards are afraid of mafia land and that’s why they refuse to accept Ukraine, while some are heavily bribed by mafia land.

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    • It is more a symbol that the EU is standing behind Ukraine.
      A candidate status doesn’t mean anything, as Ukraine doesn’t meet any of the requirements for membership and needs probably a decade of serious reform. Turkey was a candidate too, but was never close to membership.

      Still I do not think the Netherlands will really be opposed: it is just because our PM is a very lame person. He always blows out some hot air pretending to be sceptical of the EU, demanding some symbolic compromise that doesn’t really mean anything to appeal to the right wing populists.

      He always does this, when it is about sending money to Greece for example.

      “I did everything to prevent it, it didn’t work out as we are just a small country, but I achieved a major win for us and I am proud of that”.

      That will be his message. A guess: the candidate membership will have a provision that says “Ukraine cannot be a member until it meets all standards”. Than he can present this to his electorate while this was already in the proposal but in different words.

      This is also what David Cameron liked to do. Making a meaningless deal and pretend he won against the “bureaucrats”.


      • Bert, when I say, Germany, or France, or Netherlands, or whatever, I mean the governments and not the people. Although, there are more than enough people who are pro-ruskie or neutral, most are for Ukraine.


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