Putin banned the implementation of the decisions of the ECtHR in Russia

The President of the Russian Federation signed the relevant laws.

Putin legalized non-execution of decisions of the ECtHR in Russia / photo REUTERS
Putin legalized non-execution of decisions of the ECtHR in Russia / photo REUTERS

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed a law providing for non-execution of decisions of the European Court of Human Rights ( ECtHR ).

The document dated June 11 was published on the Russian official Internet portal of legal information.

In the ECHR, Russians had the right to appeal the decisions of the courts of the Russian Federation, as well as to file complaints about violations of their rights. At the same time, Russia was among the leaders in terms of the number of complaints.

Decisions made after March 15, 2022 are subject to the new law. Compensation for decisions made before March 15 will continue to be paid – in rubles.

In addition, Putin signed a law removing ECtHR decisions from the list of grounds for reviewing criminal cases.

Earlier, UNIAN wrote that the European Court of Human Rights had suspended consideration of complaints against Russia . As reported on the website of the court, the corresponding decision was made in connection with the decision to expel the Russian Federation from the Council of Europe.

Before that, the ECtHR took urgent interim measures and ordered Russia to refrain from attacking the civilian population  and destroying civilian objects in Ukraine.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. If Putin is allowed to skirt the ECHR then they are finished as an institution. Who will be next to be destroyed by Hitler 2.0? He will destroy everything until the world is dependent on him as it is in the UN. This is what happens when stooges like Germany, Italy, France, Serbia, Austria, Hungary and others believe Putin is part of Europe when he is diametrically opposed to Europe.

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  2. Mafia land, Putler, and the rest of the Kremlin puppet show, crap on every international institution and agreement and law there is. Despite what Scholz and Macron and the rest of this monkey gang think about Putin and his regime, this country is not a part of their community. It is a pariah state in every sense of the word. Mafia land’s regime doesn’t even see its obligations to its own people. It cares only for itself and, to some extent, its elite. This is what will be jotted down in all the history books. And, every Western leader who has shown to have surrendered his or her spine in the face of mafia land will be duly noted for all times. Maybe they should be aware of this. No one wants to go down in history as a coward and appeaser of evil, or am I wrong?

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