Russian Billionaires Subject to EU Sanctions Appeal the Measures at Bloc’s Court

Russian billionaires that have been hit by the EU sanctions over the invasion of Ukraine are reaching the bloc’s court in an attempt to remove themselves from the list of people against which restrictive measures apply.

The Council of the EU has been continuously imposing restrictive measures against Russian individuals and entities. A total of 1,58 individuals and 98 entities are currently subject to restrictive measures, reports.

According to Bloomberg, around 20 appeals have already been filed by some of Russia’s wealthiest people and their family members.

The list of persons that have filed an appeal at the EU General Court in Luxembourg includes Dmitry Konov, former chief executive officer of Sibur Holding. He filed his appeal on June 1. It is expected that more appeals will be filled in the upcoming weeks and months.

Commenting on this situation, an Irish trial lawyer specializing in EU law, Carsten Zatschler, said that the majority of these cases would have ‘very limited prospects of success’.

The EU adopted its sixth sanctions package last week. Announcing the adoption of this package, the Council revealed that the EU had decided to impose restrictive measures on an additional 65 individuals and 18 entities in response to the unjustified Russian military aggression against Ukraine.

The Council said that the decision to impose such measures is an integral element of the comprehensive sixth package of sanctions adopted earlier this year.

Commenting on the additions, the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, said that there could be no exemption for war crimes.

“There can be no impunity for war crimes. We are adding today to our sanctions lists those who are responsible for enabling this unjustified war and the war crimes committed in Bucha and Mariupol,” Borrell stated.

All persons that have been added to the EU’s sanctions list until now are subject to an asset freeze. This means that citizens and companies of the EU are forbidden from making funds available to them.

In addition, those designated are also subject to a travel ban, meaning that they cannot enter or transit through the territory of the EU.

The Council revealed that the group of persons that are subject to restrictive measures includes military staff that led the actions of the Russian army units as well as those who participated in the creation of the Committee of Salvation for Peace and Order.

Sanctions have also been imposed on politicians, leading businesspeople, and propagandists, among others.


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