Russians plan to use Ukrainian POWs to demine Mariupol – SBU

Russians plan to use Ukrainian POWs to demine Mariupol - SBU

09.06.2022 14:40

The Russian military is considering a way to “demine” captured Mariupol by forcing captured Ukrainians to walk across minefields.

The Security Service of Ukraine issued the relevant report on Telegram following a study of an intercepted call.

To this end, Russian invaders even came up with a new term: “natural demining.”

The SBU became aware of these terrible intentions of the Russian military from intercepted phone calls. “It seems that the issue was being discussed: to help you or the city of Mariupol with natural demining, or to send to the trenches those captured in Melitopol,” a Russian FSB operative, call sign “Kaspiy,” purportedly told his colleague.

He assured his interlocutor that this has already been agreed with the local collaborators who play the role of the occupying power: “The main thing is to work out a mechanism.”

The mechanism implies housing and food for the “labor force,” the SBU explains.



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