Russia vastly outguns Ukraine, Ukrainian Armed Forces suffer heavy losses – Independent

Reports on the ground support claims of rising Ukrainian casualties due to Russian firepower.

Ukraine has few weapons / photo
Ukraine has few weapons / photo

According to Western intelligence, Russian troops outnumber Ukrainian forces by 40 times in ammunition stocks .

This writes  The Independent with reference to the report.

According to intelligence, Ukrainian troops are suffering significant losses, as they are outnumbered by the Russians 20:1 in artillery and 40:1 in ammunition. The new data paints a grim picture of the brutal conflict on the front lines.

The report, seen by The Independent, for the first time refers to concerns about desertion of Ukrainian soldiers, saying that Ukrainian forces are limited to a 15.5-mile radius of action, and the enemy can strike from 12 times that distance.

The fierce battle in eastern Ukraine has “a serious demoralizing effect on Ukrainian forces, as well as a very real material effect. “The number of desertions is growing every week,” the document says.

At the same time, Kyiv’s negotiating position is being weakened by growing disparities in the number of prisoners held on each side.

The intelligence report says: “The Russians are pushing for a one-on-one prisoner exchange. This means that 4,500 Ukrainian prisoners could be in Russian prisons until a peace agreement is reached. Moscow is likely to use this as leverage to internally destabilize Ukraine, if not there will be social protection for their families and clear communications.

Reports on the ground support claims of rising Ukrainian casualties due to Russian firepower.

The report notes that a war cannot be won if you have several times fewer weapons on your side, your weapons hit the enemy at a shorter distance, and you have significantly less ammunition than the enemy.

According to intelligence, the tactical situation on the Eastern Front is as follows – the Ukrainian side has almost completely exhausted its stocks of missiles for the Smerch and Uragan MLRS, which made it possible to effectively deter the offensive of Russian troops in the first months of the war at distances from 37 to 50 miles.

“Today, the maximum range of fire of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is 15.5 miles. This is the range at which 152/155 mm caliber artillery and Grad MLRS, which remained in service, can fire. At the same time, the enemy strikes at the concentration of Ukrainian forces from a distance of 186 miles with Iskander tactical ballistic missiles (43-50 miles) using the Smerch and Tochka-U MLRS, from (25 to 37 miles) using the Uragan MLRS.

“This creates a situation of absolute inequality on the battlefield, not to mention the complete dominance of enemy aircraft in the air, which can only sometimes be corrected by the use of Stingers (surface-to-air missiles) and the mistakes of Russian pilots,” the report says.

Intelligence cautions that the Russians are fully aware that relatively few Western weapons have been sent, and delivery to combat positions has been slow. The Russians are trying to use their advantage in the time they have by using their artillery to try and break through the Ukrainian defenses in Donbas.

It is also noted that the Javelin and NLAW anti-tank systems supplied by the United States and Great Britain proved to be effective on the battlefields around Kyiv and Kharkov and remain so in the Donbass. Switchblade strike drones also caused significant damage to the Russians.

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