Russia on verge of pausing Donbas advance as Moscow troops ‘running out of steam’

RUSSIAN troops are on the brink of exhaustion as they begin to run “out of steam” during their advancement into the Donbas region, claimed retired Army Officer Sir Richard Barrons.

Sir Richard Barrons explained what regions of Ukraine had been occupied by Russian forces, claiming that 20 percent of the country was currently under control by Russian forces. The ongoing war in Russia has turned into a brutal battleground, as Russian forces have been pummelling towns and cities into the ground in order to push back Ukrainian forces. Sir Richard then went on to discuss whether Russian forces would pause or not as they were spending numerous amounts on ammunition and casualties in order to try and win the war.

He told Sky News: “So I think we’re at a very telling point now.

“Russia occupies about 20 percent of Ukraine and 97 percent of Luhansk and close on at least 85 percent of the Donbas region as a whole.

“And the absolute key question is when Russia feels that it has gone as far in the Donbas as it needs to go, it is fighting this brutal grinding battle.

“It’s spending vast amounts of ammunition and casualties to get there.

Sir Richard added: “Has it run out of steam or does it simply decide to pause before coming back elsewhere this year?

“And we won’t know the answer to that for some time, on balance it looks like in the Donbas they’re running out of steam.”

Other Western intelligence reports have claimed more Russian military generals have been killed in Ukraine.

Forces in Kyiv have announced that at least up to 12 generals have died so far.

But Western intelligence reports claim seven generals have died.

Russian forces are now three months into an invasion that was supposed to take three days to complete.

Russian soldiers have been absconding from the fighting since the war began, and many have complained of a lack of food and resources.

Speaking to Times Radio last week, General Ben Hodges said: “I’m not concerned overall because I am still convinced that Russia cannot sustain what it is doing, there are some serious problems in their logistical chain.

“They have manpower shortages, and they recently sacked Dvornikov who was supposed to be the guy who was going to fix all of their problems.”

Although, despite reports of Russian forces running out of steam, there have also been numerous reports of Russian soldiers committing atrocious war crimes on civilians still stuck in the war zone.

Many Western Governments which have been supporting Ukraine, have vowed to keep track of the reports that breach the Geneva Convention.

Mr de Bretton-Gordon said, “It would appear that Russian soldiers may be committing many crimes apart from just using Phosphorus.

“We must make it clear that all breaches of the Geneva Convention and all war crimes will be extensively and exhaustively investigated and the perpetrators will be tried in the International Criminal Court.

“It appears a relatively small step to move to chemical weapons and tactical nuclear weapons and the West must make it absolutely clear to Putin, his generals, and his soldiers that we will decisively attack, directly attack Russian targets if these dreadful and illegal weapons are used.”


  1. I believe too, that soon, the mafia army will have run out of steam.

    “…the West must make it absolutely clear to Putin, his generals, and his soldiers that we will decisively attack, directly attack Russian targets if these dreadful and illegal weapons are used.”

    The West should, but will it? I have my doubts about this. The unprecedented sanctions for attacking Ukraine were also mostly hot jets of oral gasses.

    Anyway, even if there have been only seven generals killed, it is still an awesome achievement for Ukraine and is unprecedented in such a short time period.

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