Putin’s guards collect his excrement during foreign trips: the media found out the reason

The journalists described some details of the Russian dictator’s foreign visits.

Security accompanies Putin even in the toilet - media / video screenshot
Security accompanies Putin even in the toilet – media / video screenshot

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is accompanied on his foreign trips by a bodyguard who collects his excrement and delivers it back to Russia.

This is stated in a joint publication of journalists Régis Gente (Paris Match magazine) and Mikhail Rubin (“Project”).

According to investigators, in May 2017, a “special” FSO officer accompanied Putin during his visits to the toilet during a trip to France, and in 2019, the same person performed similar work during the Russian president’s trip to Saudi Arabia.

Journalists note that such measures are caused by Putin’s fears that excrement samples could be used to determine the state of his health.

Putin’s illnesses: what is known

Earlier, the former head of Mi-6 (UK’s secret intelligence service), Richard Dirlove, said that Russian President Putin would soon “go to a sanatorium” and would not do it of his own free will. After that, the dictator will lose power, and  in 2023 he will no longer be alive .

On May 29, the Daily Mirror and a number of other European media sources, citing an FSB source, reported that  Putin had “a severe form of rapidly progressing cancer” and that he had allegedly been warned of an imminent death. 

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    • Well, IF this is correct then it is likely the limping imp has colon cancer because that is the only one that is detectable through stool samples. I guess we are grateful for that clue. It couldn’t happen to a more perfect asshole………….

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      • How ironic! The US have just conducted a trial for a cancer drug that was 100% successfull in removing the cancer in all patient’s. It was also conducted only on people with rectal cancer. How about the US offering Putler the treatment if he removed all Russians out of Ukraine. Do you think his self preservation would come before Russia?

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