Peskov bluntly admits: new appointees in “government of DNR”, “naturally”, are agreed with kremlin

The new appointees in the “government of the DNR” are “naturally” coordinated with the putin administration. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated this at a press conference on June 9.

Commenting on the “new composition of the DNR government”, Peskov said that the kremlin “respects the decisions of the DNR head”.

“We hope that the new appointees will really make their contribution to the intensification of work on restoration, establishment of a peaceful life and, ultimately, transition to a development trajectory”, – Peskov added pathetically.

To a direct question whether these appointments were coordinated with the kremlin, Peskov answered firmly: “Naturally, they had worked somewhere before. Contacts on this matter were made, exchanges of views took place”.

As reported, the “DNR” leader removed Ananchenko from the post of “premier” and did not name his “successor”.

The new “Prime Minister of the DNR” is a Russian functionary from Stavropol.

(C)OSTROV 2022

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