Nowhere to store “cargo 200”: in Melitopol, the invaders are urgently looking for additional refrigerators for the bodies of the Russian military

The Melitopol city meat-packing plant converted into a morgue is completely filled with the bodies of the killed invaders and cannot accept “cargo 200”. Therefore, the occupying authorities are puzzled by the urgent search for additional freezers and industrial refrigerators.

This was reported in the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

“On June 6, the Russian military arrived at Aron-M LLC (Melitopol, Lomonosov St., 370) and studied its cold storage rooms. The equipment was deemed fit for conversion into a mortuary. The company’s management was notified of “the decision to temporarily use them on a gratuitous basis for storing the bodies of dead servicemen,” the GUR said in a statement.

Now the corpses of Russian Nazis who died during the battles in the direction of Pologi – Gulyaipole are being actively imported to Melitopol.

“The long-term storage of the dead bodies is connected with the intentions of the Russian leadership to hide the real extent of the losses from the Russian electorate. Therefore, the so-called “dosed” shipment of bodies to the Russian Federation and the maximum stretching of this process in time are practiced, ”the intelligence service notes.



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