In Severodonetsk, the invaders completely destroyed the Ice Palace – one of the symbols of the city (photo)

Gaidai noted that the building represented 50 years of history of sports and cultural development.

Ice Palace burned to the ground / photo: Sergei Gaidai
Ice Palace burned to the ground / photo: Sergei Gaidai

In Severodonetsk  , the invaders completely destroyed one of the symbols of the city – the Ice Palace.

This was announced by the chairman of the Luhansk Regional State Administration Serhiy Gaidai.

“One of the symbols of Severodonetsk was destroyed. The Ice Palace burned down. 5,000 Severodonetsk residents will no longer attend a concert on the best stage in the city …”, he wrote.

Gaidai noted that the Rashists had thrown shells at Ice.

“Ice, figure skating, hockey, volleyball, a sports school, concerts, graduations – almost 50 years of the history of the sports and cultural development of our Severodonetsk …”, he stressed.

Recall that the Russians continue the assault on Severodonetsk, the fighting continues. In the Bakhmut direction, Ukrainian troops repulsed the enemy offensive in the direction of the settlements of Nagornoye, Berestovoe, Krinichnoye and Roty.

In the Liman direction, the enemy did not conduct active hostilities. Launched a missile attack on the settlement of Nikolaevka, 4 km east of Slavyansk.

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    • They want the land too I’m afraid. Mariupol is the business model : genocide, total destruction, occupation and rebuild. Like Grozny.
      In the horror show interview with the BBC and the Russian “ambassador” to London, Clive Myrie asked the filth about the destruction in Mariupol. The creature laughed and said “don’t worry about that; we will rebuild it.”
      It’s all part of the strategy.
      If these demons are allowed to get away with it.
      Putler said yesterday he is “reclaiming” RuSSian land; like Peter the Great, who spent 20 years thieving land off Sweden and elsewhere.

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