Watch: Drone Drops Grenade Into Trench Holding Russian Soldiers

A Ukrainian drone dropped a grenade with pinpoint accuracy into a trench where Russian troops were gathered.

The released footage opens with an aerial shot of the trench, in which a handful of Russian soldiers can be seen apparently discharging their firearms at the filming drone.

The drone can then be seen dropping a grenade, which the soldiers seem to notice at the last minute and try to escape, but it is too late, and it lands in the trench.

The blast sends smoke everywhere and causes some of the troops to fall down. Some can still be seen moving afterward, but it is not clear if any were injured or killed.

Zenger News obtained the video without comment from the 24th Mechanized Brigade (24th OMBR) of the Ukrainian Ground Forces on Tuesday.

The Center for Strategic Communications, which is part of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, said (in Ukrainian): “This is how Ukrainian defenders destroy the occupiers!

“The enemy could not hide even in the trenches, our soldiers aimed at the occupier from the sky.


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